27 September 2008

Do No Harm BY Gregg Luke

A medical thriller, the type of which I would normally never read. As a professional wussy, I scare easy! I saw a guy reading this book last May while I was waiting and reading something else at Jiffy Lube. I was intrigued, so I looked it up and finally got around to reading this book.

I love that the main setting of this book is in a small community. For those from Salt Lake (Utah), especially the Midvale area, it was easy to picture a small old style drugstore, Vincent Drug comes to mind! I really like how the author takes a few storylines and brings them all together in the end. His characters become real and, for most of them, you just hope it works out positively. I was impressed how this author implemented the role of Paul's LDS history, without making the book all about mormonism. I was also impressed at how strongly the author made the reader understand how it is to feel all alone in the world. Gregg Luke captured some basic feelings, too, like most people hate moving more than going to the dentist (pg 151)!

Overall, if no other lesson is learned, I would say always make sure you have friends and loved ones so you won't be the next 'target'! And, above all, decide for yourself who you are going to TRUST!

A couple of other quotes that I felt really applied to certain current events in my life:
pg. 196: "Sure, they had their fair share of hardships and troubles in life, but their faith and commitment to their religion bore them through the tough times." pg 225: "Part of being charitable is allowing others the same privilege, " Paul said smoothly. "If you deny someone the chance to be charitable, they will not be blessed for following through, and the fault will be yours."

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