15 July 2013

What's It To You? BY Clay Walker

Back in the mid-1990's, before I went back to listening to country music and discovered the awesomeness that is Clay Walker, he released a song called What's It To You on 15 Jul 1993...here we are 20 years later and it is still one of his most popular songs! In fact, it is my favorite and was, in part, the inspiration for the name of my blog! You can read more about that here, also note that in addition to the blogs listed there, I am now a Geneatracker, too! A couple days ago I saw this post on twitter because it was retweeted by Clay Walker :

For those who are not familiar with this song, watch this, oh wait, that is another one of Clay's song...ok, here it is:  (For my deaf community friends, here is a link to the lyrics!)

A little more about Clay Walker, he was diagnosed with MS in 1996 and has become one the great activists in raising awareness and funds in the fight for research to find a cure! Here is where you can find out more about BAMS!

So, happy 20 years to Clay Walker on this awesome song being released and reaching #1! He continues to give his fans wonderful hits and we look forward to many more amazing years of memories from our favorite celebrity!  That's all...watsit2u?

14 July 2013

Have Faith Not Fear

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! You can go here to find a local meeting OR here for deaf/signing units! My husband and I attend the Lehi 44th Signing Branch! I love our Branch! Today, President Jarvis was conducting and he was very open about, well...he told us that he had a really great week. He got so many things done this week...except he forgot to schedule the speakers for today's meeting! OOPS! I love that he can laugh at himself, that is a great trait that we would all be better to make our own!

So, in a last minute decision Saturday night, my husband was asked to speak in Sacrament meeting for today! Today's post will be short, I simply want to share one thing that each of our two speakers said in today's meeting, where the topic was about Faith/Fear.

Steve: "Many of us face personal challenges, this is a time to have faith not fear...How can we have faith when storms are all around us?" (taken from A Time for Faith, Not Fear BY Elder Larry W Gibbons)

President Jarvis: "I promise you WILL feel less fear because of your faith."

I was also impressed that President Jarvis shared a couple of things that he liked from Steve's talk, for example: "You have the Gift of the Holy Ghost you have the right to revelation everyday."

I was also very pleased to hear Steve share one of my favorite conference quotes, seen here on a sunset pic I took in Ogden back 19 Jun 2011:

This is what it means to me "Have Faith not Fear"...watsit2u?

13 July 2013

Kate Coveny Hood reading "Stupid"

We have all been there, hurt by something someone said to us, whether they meant it that way or not! I would venture that most of us have hurt others by something we have said, whether we meant to or not! This video shares a great example about one such word! What words do you encourage your family to not use? What words were you encouraged to not use when you were a child? In any case, words can be used for good or bad...watsit2u?

03 July 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Orange

Where is this? For once, I want to be the ORANGE one! Why?

That's what it is to me...watsit2u?

01 July 2013


I spent some time in a waiting room today, a couple hours even! As you may know when you wait and wait and wait in a waiting room, many people come and go, right? Today was no different. One of the ladies that came in had a cute young girl with her and this young girl had a cute shirt on...WWND?

I laughed at the shirt and got permission to take a pic but couldn't resist throwing that question on my facebook (publicly, so it went to my twitter, too) to see what creative answers I would receive....creative and funny they were:

Just for giggles, I googled "WWND" and found that some of the answers above were possibly (probably) found the same way! HA! What does it really stand for? Well, as far as this cute Tshirt goes....

For anyone who has ever seen Little House on the Prairie, and maybe even some who haven't know that Nellie Oleson was a spoiled brat, of sorts and, well....I do have to say, though, that I would love to read the book written by  that's what all this was to me....watsit2u?