01 June 2021

Happy Smile & National Utah Day

 As I said in my last post, I've recently gotten in to the National Day this and that craze! It's truly amazing how there is a day for about any and everything! Each day has multiple things, too! Today happens to be #NationalSmileDay and #NationalUtahDay among other things! You can sign up for daily email (on the right side of the screen on the main site) reminders or just go the site however often you like to see what each day, week, or month represents! So, on to the two I mentioned above for today!

National Smile Day - anyone that knows me at all, knows that I most always have a smile on my face, even with wearing a mask, I still smiled a lot and I don't car what some people tried saying you can see people smile through their eyes! I love to smile and laugh and do my best to stay positive in most any situation! Here is a recent pic of me smiling, during my first trip out of town since June 2019! (I was about to go out of town for my birthday when the Covid Pandemic shut everything down 2 weeks before, sigh...) Let me see your smiles, send them my way via your favorite platform: comment here, comment or post to your favorite social media and tag me, text me, etc...

National Utah Day - some may be seriously questioning this 'holiday' because anyone that knows much about Utah knows that July 24th is the state holiday! Also, those that know even more about Utah knows that it became a state on January 4, 1896! So, how did May 31st end up as National Utah Day?! Well, click here to read the details! I will say this, as a reminder that Utah is the 45th state admitted to the union, those that associate the number 45 with a certain unnamed person of recent history can now have a more positive meaning to the number 45! AND the best thing about the number 45 is the amazing Donovan Mitchell, playing in the 45th state....hmm, sounds like it was meant to be! Not only is Donovan a great basketball player, he is humble and generous! As long as he continues with that attitude, he will continue to do amazing things! Utah is where I was born and raised! I have lived in Utah all but almost 3 years of my life! Every winter I ask myself why I stay in Utah with all the snow and winter driving/walking...the only answer I can come up with is, it's home! What is your favorite thing about Utah?