04 October 2008

Bunco, Bunko, Bonco, or Bonko

Whatever you call it or however you spell it....

Thursday night was my first ever at Bunko! I had a blast! This was a very last minute event for my mom and I. Early that afternoon, my sister called me and invited us to be subs that night for her group. My mom has played as a sub a few times before and enjoyed it everytime. As said before, this was my first time. I have had several people try to explain how to play this with not much luck, but it was so very simple once I was there. I ended up with the prize for the last bunko of the night. With everything going on this year and this week, I really needed this night out and am very glad I took the time to spend with my mom, sister and her friends!

This group was all women and did dessert during the halftime break. I understand some groups are couples. Also, that some groups do dinner before and dessert at the half OR just dessert at the end. No matter how it is done, I am competitve and had a great time! This group of women were loads of fun, as usual, there was all types of people there from the overly exuberant to the overly inverted and everything in between! This group had 12, I understand some groups to have 16.

Needless to say, now that I've experienced this night of fun, if anyone ever needs a sub, I'll do what I can to be available...OR better yet, let's get our own little group going!
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