26 January 2009

The Christmas Marble BY George D Durrant

rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is a very cute short story about a marble and life. In every moment of every day, we all have decisions to make. Some are simple and some are not...breathing, easy, involuntary, for most of us. Believing stories told during a school class, still an individual choice, but not necessarily as easy. The story surrounding this marble and the events following the telling of this story created by George Durrant is a very heartwarming tale of Jake Mobley. I don't have any great quotes to share, the whole book is wonderful. I have to say that I love Herman Henderson, but as a fan of the old radio show Life of Riley, I have a love of undertakers. We are told many stories in our lives and whether or not they are true, how we choose to react to them can make all the difference in our lives and even possibly how our future unfolds.

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