05 February 2009

Emmy ... BY Lynne Jonell

Several months back we were visiting at my sister in laws house, I believe for a birthday party...anyway, I noticed this book and found out that my young nephew had chosen it because the pages create a flip show of sorts. I decided it looked cute, so I got it, read it and really enjoyed it. I think it is very imaginative. Lynne Jonell has created a world where although it seems like something of a child's imagination or dream, you can be drawn in and start to believe that there is a real "Rodent City" right in your own neighborhood! Takes me back to the days of "The Littles", which I absolutely loved! This first book is the story of Emmy, her nanny Miss Barmy and Raston, Emmy's class pet! Emmy, a typical girl who feels left out and ignored by her classmates finds an eventual friendship with Raston and together they battle Miss Barmey, the nanny. This story was so cute, I just had to read the follow up book, Emmy and the Home for Troubled Girls... Only one quote from this book: pg 6: "You're too nice," said the Rat sharply. "A little meanness is good for the soul. I highly recommend it." (A recommendation I have to wonder if was meant for me!!!)

This is the follow up story to Emmy and The Incredibly Shrinking Rat. I will keep it short so I don't spoil much of anything for those reading the first book. In this one we have returning characters, Emmy, Raston, Miss Barmy among others. We also have new characters like Meg that play an important role in the storyline. For those reading the first one, I will leave this review with this one question: Will Emmy end up at the Home for Troubled Girls anyway OR will Miss Barmy win in another way?! Yes, Miss Barmy is still up to her nasty tricks in yet another very imaginative story about doing what's right and helping those we love most! Again, only one quote: pg 130: "Hang in there." ... "What does that mean?" ... "Well, you know, keep doing what you're doing. Don't give up, even when you're discouraged. Believe that things are going to get better soooo---" (I agree with this, in that, when you have a goal or are discouraged by lifes natural course, keep going, keep the FAITH, keep doing what you're doing and things WILL get better!)

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