11 October 2011

most embarrassing moment???

Growing up I used to embarrass way too easily, sometimes I could hide it okay and other times not so well....then I got engaged and knowing my family I braced myself to be embarrassed at my bridal shower. My family was nice enough and on the moments when I thought I'd be embarrassed, I wasn't, so it worked out very well. From then on, I've not had any issues with being embarrassed, as least not easily embarrassed. I guess I just kind of figured life happens and most times there isn't anything you can do about it after something weird happens.

Then, one year ago tonight, my mom and I went to two viewings. The first was for a great man from the neighborhood where I grew up. It was great to see some old friends and visit with many people that we have known for years. This was a very typical viewing with nothing of note to report.

After that we went to my cousins viewing. Also a very great man! As we arrived we met up with another cousin who introduced me to his sons, again. Unfortunately, we don't see these cousins very often, so every time we see them, we get introduced and joke about them not remembering me! We did the traditional walk through the line and continued to visit with many other friends and family members that were in attendance!

We found out that another close family friend was on his way, so we waited for him to come before heading home for the night! While waiting I was sitting in one side of the room talking to one of my cousins and my mom was in the middle of the room talking to one of my brothers. Then our friend arrived, I waited for him to make the traditional walk through the line and then when he made his way around the room and was talking to my mom, I jumped up from my seat and ran around the corner to go greet him....only...my pants dropped to the ground!

Yes, my pants dropped to the ground, leaving me standing right in front of my two cousins mentioned earlier laughing very hard and my pants twisted in my feet. I'm not really sure how it happened that I didn't fall down, but as it was I had to wait for my mom to come around and help untangle my pants so I could get them pulled up. As soon as my pants were back in place, I continued my rushed walk over to our friend that we had been waiting for and greeted him as if nothing had happened. He was trying so hard to not laugh or react. After talking with him for a few minutes we made our way through some goodbyes and left!

On the way out, we saw another cousin who would have had a perfect view of my backside, but had missed the entire thing! As soon as we were in the car, I sent out a message to twitter and Facebook saying that my pants had dropped but that I was grateful that it happened at the family viewing and not the friends viewing! Ironically enough, the next day at the funeral, this last cousin we talked to was the only one to say anything to me about losing my pants the night before.

Come to find out a few weeks ago, even the immediate family of my cousin who had passed had no clue what had happened. And my two cousins who I continually get reintroduced to that had front row seats to the entire experience...well, they were not at the funeral, but somehow I don't think they will EVER forget me! Oh, and I no longer own those pants, they went into the garbage that night! I have to agree with this quote:

There's nothing I'm embarrassed about.
Brian May

There you have it, what could potentially have been my most embarrassing moment in reality was just a moment and life happens! What are some of your most embarrassing moments? I don't know how I would answer that question, but since that night one year ago, I think I would have to share that story and see what happens...WATSIT2U?

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Amber Trujillo said...

Yes this was very funny, her brother was laughing but trying very hard to hide it (-: