04 August 2013

Are your Prayers answered?

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! The first Sunday of each month is Fast Sunday. No, this does not mean church goes by quickly, in fact, it often feels slower. On Fast Sunday, it is traditional to have sacrament meeting be set aside for testimonies instead of assigned speakers. This is often referred to as Fast & Testimony meeting. Today in our Branch, we had many wonderful testimonies shared but one stuck out more than others. I would like to share the basic story of this beautiful young woman and then, maybe a thought or few of my own!

The youth of our church often attend a summer gathering known as EFY, or Especially For Youth. I never had the opportunity to attend one of these events. At least one of our youth was blessed with the opportunity this year.

On her first day she was scared as she didn't know anyone. So she prayed that she would make friends. Throughout the week, she did become close with a lot of people. She went on to testify that:

I guess that says it all perfectly...watsit2u?

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