06 October 2013

Power of Prayer

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsJust wanted to take a short moment to talk about the power of prayer. I know we just finished up with a wonderful General Conference and I will talk about all of that on this blog, too! Here is my post regarding the LDS General Relief Society Meeting 2013.

I have had experiences in the past where I have felt the power of prayers from others! In fact a couple of years ago, I was headed out on a trip to Arizona, I had been there a few times before and every time I go, I have really bad weather experiences. Yes, Arizona does not like me! Well, just before I was headed out for this trip, my visiting teachers came over and I was telling them about my bad experiences, but that we were about to take my nephews home to Arizona! They said they would pray for me! Of course, I've heard it before and have even said it before and followed through with said prayers...BUT...this time... Well, we took the boys home and as we were headed back up, there were a few times we could see storms brewing in the distance where we were headed or off to the side of where we were driving! I would say little prayers that we wouldn't have to go through what we were seeing and I can honestly say that I really felt the prayers of my visiting teachers, too! It was a very special feeling of comfort! For the first time, I made it through an entire Arizona trip with no major bad weather stories!

Fast forward to tonight when we had some specials friends visit at our home and we talked about many things including several things going on in our lives right now, one of which was a recent bad experience with a 4 hour position where incorrect assessments were made by the employer and led to there not being a job after all. Anyway, without going into much detail here, because it is beside the point, I just wanted to say that as the topic came up in the conversation, it was most touching when one of the visitors told us that their children were praying for the situation, everyday, in their prayers!

Now, I'm sure that most, if not all, of you know the wondrous power of prayer! I just wanted to write this short note about the gratitude that so many others in our lives are open to that Holy Ghost that prompted them to include us in their prayers! This came at a perfect time when I've been struggling with patience through our current trials which started a long time ago, the comfort such a little statement gave me...WOW!

I know that prayer can be a most powerful source of blessings for ourselves and for others. We must live righteously so we are open to the Holy Ghost and know what to pray for and open to the blessings that our loving Heavenly Father wishes to bestow upon us, yes, everyone! I just want to testify that our loving Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and he is there for us, ALWAYS! This is a little of what the power of prayer is to me...watsit2u?

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