03 November 2013

Just one word - LOVE

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Today was the monthly Fast and Testimony Meeting in Sacrament Meeting. This is where anyone who feels so prompted by the Spirit are welcomed to bear their testimonies. Sometimes there is a theme and sometimes, like today, there are several principles talked about, but one was very short and sweet. She started by saying it was all about one word: LOVE!

cute blanket of some neighbor kids - thought it went well with this post

Other topics mentioned were baptism, tithing, obedience, missions, parenthood, Joseph Smith's first vision, Book of Mormon, the gospel is the same no matter where one attends their LDS Church meetings, blessings, Lord's plan for each of us, repentance. That's what it was all about in our Branch today....watsit2u?

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