22 May 2021

Happy International Being YOU Day

Welcome to the first ever International Being YOU day! I first saw this announced just last week when I got an email from a website I've been following a lot this last several months, followed a little before that but finally signed up to get their daily emails of what "days" it is and I love it for giving me creative things to think about each day! I haven't had time to research a whole lot about this but you can go to the main website for more information, find that here: International Being You Day  If you hurry you may even be able to participate in today's festivities, they start at 11am, mountain time! I am not able to participate live and am not sure if any of it will be viewable afterwards, although I really hope it is....if you are able to be part of any of it, please come back and leave a comment about what you took away from your participation!

National day this and national day that, there is a day for about any and every thing! I love it! If you go to National Day Calendar, you can see all the things, what each month, week and day celebrates or honors! I am sure there are other sites that do similar things as often times I see other 'days' that aren't listed here, however I have found this to be the most comprehensive!

Back to today...what makes you YOU? Every single one of us unique and special, no matter how hard some find that to believe! Trust me, I've been there, too. The struggle is real! This might be a hard question to answer for many people, so if you don't know immediately, ask those around you and see what they say and be willing to answer the same for others, let's take this opportunity to be better and help others feel better and know their positive attributes, characteristics or just silly things that make you feel better for being around them!

I struggle to answer this question myself, I mean the most unique thing about me is that I have Anosmia, you can click the link to find out more about that from whichever source you choose! One of the most important things I like about myself is that I am not ashamed to be a fat person! I know that I am a friendly person and try to always be nice and positive about most everything! I have even earned the nickname Pollyanna, although I tend to remind people that in the end even Pollyanna had her negative outlook, even if just briefly! I am a curious person with a genealogist passion and thinking process. I love to get to know people, especially neighbors and coworkers. I may not be very good at some of these things, but they make up the person that I am and will be forever! 

I decided to do a very quick, unscientific survey of sorts, ok, just asked the ones I thought knew me best and could likely respond immediately for purposes of this post but I believe sometimes it is nice just to be reminded of what makes you YOU because we all go through rough patches where we feel less than and sometimes even worthless! This day of celebrating BEING YOU could not have come at a better moment for me, I've had a rough week and have let the negativity of others get to me more than I should. I do know who I am and I need to remember what makes me ME and focus on being a better me. This is what I always try to do anyway! I am not out to beat or be better than anyone else (contrary to what some think)....I only to be and do better than I did the day (week, month, year, etc) before!

Ok, so back to the replies of others, here are just a few responses I got of what others think makes me ME:
• you are a caring person
• you have beautiful eyes
• so happy and positive
• always have a positive attitude
• just so happy go lucky
• a very positive person to be with...
• motivator
• smart
• confidence
• knowing what you want
• not conforming to societal expectations
• fiercely loyal

Oh and I recently had a most wonderful trip where this picture was taken by my aunt, it is my current favorite picture of me, show me yours and post it proudly on all the things:

Ok, enough about me and what makes me ME....what makes you YOU? Go and celebrate it today and always!!! Also, go to the National Day Calendar post for ideas on just how to celebrate!


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