12 November 2008


Today was the third official meeting of SLBizzNet. This is the official name of our group. Each week has gotten better with more people in attendance. This is as it should be, although I admit that the attendance isn't all my doing. This next week will be a new test, as the powers that be have finally jumped on board relenting it is past time to start calling new contacts and not just the previous members. I will continue on and do even more to get people in the seats at the weekly meeting and hope that the others 'in charge' will be able to do their part and get the visitors to become members. I now wish that I had jumped on board with this venture months ago, but, you know....woulda, coulda, shoulda....live and learn! Anyway, we are here now and if everyone does their part and we keep the energy good and high, this venture will be the great thing it once was 4+ years ago!

Some have asked exactly what SLBizzNet is...it is a networking leads group. This is a group of small business owners (or sales reps) who meet for lunch once a week. At this meeting we each take about 60 seconds to talk about our business and who/what would be a good lead for us that week. Leads are passed to each other, thus helping grow each others businesses. As small business people we are also there to be supportive in the understanding of what it is like to be in business for yourself. I have been networking since about 2001 and love it! Not only have I made some great business contacts, I met my bestest friend ever, and a few other friends, because of a networking group! It is a great way to build a business via the best form of marketing our there, word of mouth advertising! So, with all this in mind, anyone you know who has their own business in anything or is in sales, directly responsible for their own commission income...pass their info along to me and "Discover the power of networking"!

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