17 November 2008

Christmas Jars BY Jason F Wright

I absolutely loved this book, as did everyone I know that has read it. I think it would be very hard to find someone who didn't just love this book. I would recommend to everyone, all year round! This is the absolute example of pay it forward or blessings that come from generosity! For those that have read it, I knew the ending would happen, but until that particular door of opportunity opened, I had not put the two together. Life is funny way, continually going in circles, in the good way...it truly is a small world! I would encourage some kind of Christmas Jar action. That may not mean an actual jar somewhere in your home that you then pass on to someone else in need. To me, it means sharing of yourself, using the talents you were blessed with, to bless the lives of all around, strangers, family and friends alike! This book came at a perfect time for me, as usual...see my last blog regarding 15 Nov. As I strive to follow the good examples of my life while leaving the bad things behind, I challenge all of us to look for the good in everyone, it really is there! The harder challenge then often becomes focusing on that good and letting go of the fear or nervousness you may have and just give. The act of giving does not have to include a financial cost. Just as in this book the act of giving the jars full of money was helpful to those receiving, I think the great gift received, for most of them, was the hope they needed and a restoration of faith in the goodness of mankind! Ok, there were a few quotes:

pg 55: "Genuinely batty? I concur." Those that know me, know how true this statement rings in my life!

pg 95: "...no one can rush the process of perfection." No matter what is being talked about, a thing or a person, this statement is a great reminder to us all!

pg 110: "I guess some people just need to learn how to give..." I think that speaks for itself and I challenge each of us to learn how to give, share of ourselves with others and I promise that we will each be the better for it!

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Hema and Becky said...

I really liked this book too. When my sister was recently going through ovarian cancer, someone gave them a similar jar - just to use for fun things and stuff with the kids. Their family spent hours talking baout what to do with the few hundred dollars worth of change and even more doing fun activities that took their minds off the stress and anxiety that the cancer had brought. It made me want to give more too!