02 February 2009

fortune telling?

I don't put much stock in reading my horoscope, but on the rare occasion that I do, it surprises me how often it has something to do with what is going on in my life. Some of the things we look forward to accomplishing this year are a total money makeover, starting my Family History business and getting more organized...so, at the first of the year when I came across the following "overview" and received the fortune cookies below that....leaving me to wonder how things will REALLY turn out, any thoughts? he he....

Year 2009 Overview (astrology - zodiac)
Pioneering and courageous Aries is being called to times of incredible new growth and renewal. The considerable reflective time you have spent rehashing and deciding which avenue will best serve your highest purpose has shaken you to the very root of your personal belief systems. Through surrendering to your higher self, new realizations and golden opportunities you never thought possible are brilliantly opening up for you. Your new commitment to self has given you a renewed appreciation of the your divine wisdom and accomplishments. The understanding you have radiates love and compassion, and is attracting your highest good. As your creative spirit soars, the excitement you feel helps you submit to the larger purpose and vision gained in your dreamtime. You are easily able to bring your work out into the world with clarity and purpose. Your heart's desires are quickly manifesting right before your eyes and you are able to reap long-standing benefits as you detach from the past and are catapulted forward. Because of your humanitarian ideals and desire to be a helper in our emerging world, be careful not to fall into old patterns of helping others fulfill their needs rather than taking care of your own. As you grow, people are drawn to your altruistic ideas and your visionary and compassionate personality.
In spite of your good endurance and concentration, remember to take care of yourself on an everyday basis to maintain wholeness and integration. Finding a good physical outlet for your frustrations is important so that you don't deplete your energy and prevent yourself from getting what you really want. Enjoyment is the fundamental desire of your life, and you are able to create the life you enjoy.

steve: happy events will take place in your home
steve: you will travel far and wide
becky: prepare yourself for a change of events in your personal life
becky: a sudden change in plans will lead to good fortune
becky: your troubles will cease and fortune will smile upon you
becky: everything will now come your way


Hema and Becky said...

I really don't put much stock in those things, but I do belive we make our own luck! Sort of the if you believe it will happen theory for me. Or another word would be faith! I do hope you have a great year!

Melinda said...

Confucius say: Have a good year. I love fortune cookies.