10 April 2009

MY Steve's birthday....

...yes, Steve is a too common name, thus the necessity to differentiate between our Steves...we have 3 alone in just his immediate family group! But I digress...

Last Saturday (4 Apr) was Steve's birthday and so we headed to Midway to spend the night at the Zermatt Resort. This is a fancy schmancy 4 star resort that is nestled in this small community in the Utah mountains. Where to start....it was a good weekend, overall…

We got up there, got checked in and went exploring. I wanted to find the steakhouse so I could see the prices on the menu...the menu is online, but no prices, so I was expecting the worst. We basically had no money (beyond the ITEX certificates we were using)....but had to eat...we had looked at the bistro menu as we started to explore and decided that if the steakhouse was too much, we'd cancel our reservation and eat at the bistro. We went all around the building we were in and the one next to us...found the pool (nice indoor/outdoor with waterfall hot tub), the spa and the wellness center (mostly a fitness center, very nice, though!)...We found the conference center (there was a national women MBA leadership something or other going on, I thought that was interesting, but didn't get the chance to visit with any of the women, but did get to observe a few while we were there)…oh and a wedding, too. While in the Conference Center, we popped into the business center and used the computers for a few minutes, literally, I was very pleased that he was also pretty much ready to continue exploring when I said I was done with the one thing I needed to do online. We found the gift shop, the bakery/deli and finally the steakhouse, which was outrageously expensive, as expected. Here is the website for the resort itself http://www.zermattresort.com/site/index.html, on there you can view the priceless menu, if you like, http://www.zermattresort.com/site/zermatt-resort/dining/Menus/Schneitter …the salad at the very very bottom was about $30! I guess, overall, it was about what a steakhouse would be...but with only a $20 cert and really no money, it was way too much for us, this trip...they did have a prime rib buffet for $24.95/person BUT nothing on the menu really stuck out for me, so I wasn't really excited about it and didn't have my heart set on eating there.... and so I left the choice up to Steve as it was HIS birthday!

He chose to eat at the bistro, where I enjoyed a very delicious club sandwich on a croissant and he had a very good buffalo burger. We drank water and enjoyed the food and atmosphere and such...it was nice, I think we both liked it a lot! We headed back to the room, but then I realized they hadn't done the complimentary turndown service and I didn't want to be there when they came, so I told Steve (who had no idea we were having the turndown service...I wanted him to feel/see the fanciness in hopes that he will somehow get the idea that we deserves such things) that I wanted to go hang out upstairs for about an hour. Upstairs was a private club/lounge place...they had a pool table and tables setup to play checkers/chess and even backgammon... except that they only had pieces to play chess. I wanted checkers but oh well...SSSSSSOOOOOOOOO, Steve taught me how to play chess!!! Now, I had a friend in junior high try to teach me, but I don't think I cared enough to really learn and I didn't think I really cared now, except that I've sorta wanted to for awhile now because Steve LOVES chess, he has a really nice set or two! Anyone out there up for the challenge of whuppin’ him at chess…let me know, k?! I love you dear, but I think it may be awhile before I can actually beat you at this game! Although, it somehow clicked, I think he did a great job teaching me in just a few minutes and we played 2 games... he won both, but I gave him a run for his money in that both games lasted a long time, he said he was impressed! It was fun!

We went back to the room, watched a bit of tv, after the news we went back to the bistro for dessert. He chose to each get a piece of cake instead of share one piece and he ended up getting his $7 piece free because I told the gal it was his birthday! I love when that happens! They even gave us the choice of milk...skim, 1%, 2%....and had refills on it, too!! At $4/glass, the free refill made us happy! After that, Steve felt a bit icky and we were both tired, so we went to bed, he watched more tv and I watched a bit while reading a bit...then we both fell asleep....We were going to try hitting the pool, but didn't get up early enough...checkout was 11, but I had them give us until noon so I could watch all of morning conference, which I did and I will be blogging on conference talks throughout this next week.

We checked out, went straight to Nephi so I could take Steve to JC Mickelsons (see my blog below, posted last weekend, about MY birthday weekend). Then went to Lynndyl and watched for trains....I mostly read and we talked a tiny bit. It was a nice quiet time from our hectic noisy lives! As we first started to leave Lynndyl, I saw a horse that caught my eye and I thought was pretty, so I was going to take a pic…by the time he backed up and I grabbed the camera, the other (darker) horse got jealous and had to come join the fun and the spotlight, LOL!

From Lynndyl, we then went to his mom's in Nephi and hung there for a couple hours and then came home. It was a lot to do in just about 36 hours, but it was worth it and fun! I am glad he had fun and loved JC Mickelsons, as I knew he would! He took tons of pics and hopefully he will post some of them, at least, on his blog (http://sjbinut.blogspot.com/). This is one of the very very few pics I have taken with his camera and I told him that I got to put this one on my blog:

Happy Birthday, my love....hope you really did enjoy it as much as I did!!!

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