11 April 2009

Pushing Up Daisies: A Dirty Business Mystery BY Rosemary Harris

rating: 4 of 5 stars
I really liked this book! In the library a month or so ago, I saw the display for the Reader's Choice books. I have heard a lot of about this 'program' over the years, but never really knew exactly how it worked. I grabbed the list and as many of the books they had copies of on the display. In other visits to this same branch, I've grabbed even more books from the display. My mom has read 2 and is on her third. I had to finish reading Inkheart, so this is my first Reader's Choice book.

I chose this one first because it was a mystery and I couldn't wait to read it, it has been awhile since I read a good mystery. Pushing Up Daisies did NOT disappoint, the mysteries kept on coming and just when you thought you had one figured out, there was a twist or a new mystery added to the storyline! I love the main character, Paula Holliday, who picked up and moved to a new place and started over in a new career...even though, if threw her into the middle of some town secrets! I absolutely loved the mexican characters and the take different people viewed them with...from loving them and fully accepting them for who they are to the racist assumption they know nothing and are only good for labor no one else wants to do! Those who really know me, know this can be a sore spot for me, I really hate prejudice and racism! Stereotyping is a horrible practice! And who wouldn't love a cop nicknamed MOM...

I haven't read as much mystery as I like because I do tend to spook rather easy. I was pleased that this one kept the spookiness to a minimum and just continued to dig through to the solutions of the mysteries! I am usually pretty good at figuring mysteries out before they solutions are revealed, but this one kept me guessing and I like that, a lot!

Of course I have quotes, but only a few this time:

pg 74: "You're having a turkey sandwich for breakfast?" Lucy asked. "It's not for breakfast, it's brunch. And it's never too early for turkey. It's one of God's perfect foods" My sentiments exactly! My sister and mom surprised me with a TBA sandwish from Kneaders a few days ago and I absolutely am addicted...turkey, bacon, avocado...what's not to love?!

pg 75: "IF CON IS THE OPPOSITE OF PRO, IS CONGRESS THE OPPOSITE OF PROGRESS?" I know this is an old saying, but given many people's extra difficulties with the government of late, I found it most interesting to read in this book. Just food for thought...

pg 145: "And he's apologizing for his weight, which means he's somewhat interested." pish posh....you know who you are...the reason this caught my attention and why I had to include it in my quotes here!

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