03 June 2009

fire safety at Madeline's

Late last week I got a phone call from a neighbor, she said that another neighbor suggested she try calling me. She then asked if I would be interested in listening to a fire safety presentation and get a free meal at Madeline's in South Jordan. Normally for these type of things, you need to go as a married couple, but for this one, that didn't seem to be the case. My mom lives with us, for those that don't know, and so her and I went to this presentation. The presentation was very informative and actually quite enjoyable. Landon was great! They talked about several things, including what rooms are the most common to have fires start and why. They also talked about charitable work and saving lives. Both my mom and I are glad we attended and I look forward to a possible opportunity to attend again with my husband, at some point in time. We had to choose between three delicious meals. My mom got the salmon, so I got the steak. I'm sure that if Steve would have been there, he would have gotten the chicken penne. From the bread, to the green beans to the potatoes, it was all wonderful! We quite enjoyed the food, which really was very tasty! It was 100% true when it said you did not need your wallets for anything! There was just a lot of good information and very good food! I would encourage anyone living along the Wasatch front and willing to drive to South Jordan to attend one of these meetings to take the time and go! No, I don't get anything, at all, for having people I know attend, and I still encourage it because I really believe it was worth my time and know that it would be worth yours! Email me or comment this post and I will make sure my friend calls you, too!


Hema and Becky said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it!! It was me who told her to call you. I want to go too, I think the information would be great, but I'm still trying to line up a babysitter!

Steve said...

Rebecca would be more than happy to watch li'l Hema and Vela for you, wouldn't you dear? :D