06 June 2009


Back in the year 2000, we were living in the north part of Salt Lake City. Some refer to this area as Rose Park. We had run into some issues with family that had made our situation not the best. I have this overall habit of being optimistic about most everything, no matter how bad it looks. During this time, I was having a talk with our Bishop and he told me that I shouldn't be optimistic and that I needed to be realistic. This bothered me, until a matter of weeks later when during General Conference, there was a talk about being optimistic and that optimism is a good thing.

This made me feel better. I have my days of being really upset over even little things. Overall, I am optimistic and I believe, realistic. Even with everything going on in our lives right now, I'm still optimistic. Worrying and stressing isn't going to do anyone any good, is it?! No, it brings so much negative into our lives. Why would anyone want that? I know how dire things in the world seem today and I know that there are lot of people out there a lot worse off than we are. I know that we make our own choices and we have to live with the consequences of those choices.

Ok, a week or so ago, my bestest friend and I were talking about Twitter. We had both checked out the website, a little. We were both thinking that there was a lot of fluff surrounding its popularity. Then a day or two later, I read an article about using twitter in genealogy. So, I took the plunge, I am on twitter. I am still figuring out how to use it to benefit my own genealogical work and that of my potential clients. I am following mostly celebrities, local and national. I actually don't mind it. You can set it up so you can receive the tweets of those you are following as text messages on your cell phone. You can receive one, more or all of them on your cell phone. If you are on twitter, click on the link to the right and start following me, too!

One of those that I am following sends out a daily LDS thought, today's is below and that is what prompted this post: "Of all people we as Latter-day saints should be the most optimistic and the least pessimistic pres Benson" He said this in 1986, in an article in the October Ensign. But even in this last conference, Pres. Monson said, "be of good cheer, and do not fear", but more on that talk in a future post.

So, basically, I will continue to be optimistic. I hope that many of you will allow yourselves the blessings of optimism, as well. I know that we will be fine through our current issues and I know that most everyone else will also be able to work through their issues and come out above where they were before. This is a major part of having so many trials. We are here on earth to learn and grow! We do this, mostly, through trials. What lessons are you currently being taught?!

SMILE, inside and out, it really does make a difference!!!


Hema and Becky said...

I agree that being optimistic helps in every way! I try to be optimistic too. I have to admit that I no longer even look at our 401K and IRA balances though, can't even think of one positive thing about losing 10's of thousands of dollars... not one. So I am just filing that part of life away for now! Aaaahhhhh, hopefully one day I will open them and the balances will be somewhere closer to where they were before they took the dive. How's that for optimistic? (maybe not realistic though!) ;)

watsit2u said...

You will be surprised how realistic it may become! I really believe that! Be patient and ya, not looking at it for awhile will help not stressing over it, at least! lol