01 July 2013


I spent some time in a waiting room today, a couple hours even! As you may know when you wait and wait and wait in a waiting room, many people come and go, right? Today was no different. One of the ladies that came in had a cute young girl with her and this young girl had a cute shirt on...WWND?

I laughed at the shirt and got permission to take a pic but couldn't resist throwing that question on my facebook (publicly, so it went to my twitter, too) to see what creative answers I would receive....creative and funny they were:

Just for giggles, I googled "WWND" and found that some of the answers above were possibly (probably) found the same way! HA! What does it really stand for? Well, as far as this cute Tshirt goes....

For anyone who has ever seen Little House on the Prairie, and maybe even some who haven't know that Nellie Oleson was a spoiled brat, of sorts and, well....I do have to say, though, that I would love to read the book written by  that's what all this was to me....watsit2u?

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