14 July 2013

Have Faith Not Fear

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! You can go here to find a local meeting OR here for deaf/signing units! My husband and I attend the Lehi 44th Signing Branch! I love our Branch! Today, President Jarvis was conducting and he was very open about, well...he told us that he had a really great week. He got so many things done this week...except he forgot to schedule the speakers for today's meeting! OOPS! I love that he can laugh at himself, that is a great trait that we would all be better to make our own!

So, in a last minute decision Saturday night, my husband was asked to speak in Sacrament meeting for today! Today's post will be short, I simply want to share one thing that each of our two speakers said in today's meeting, where the topic was about Faith/Fear.

Steve: "Many of us face personal challenges, this is a time to have faith not fear...How can we have faith when storms are all around us?" (taken from A Time for Faith, Not Fear BY Elder Larry W Gibbons)

President Jarvis: "I promise you WILL feel less fear because of your faith."

I was also impressed that President Jarvis shared a couple of things that he liked from Steve's talk, for example: "You have the Gift of the Holy Ghost you have the right to revelation everyday."

I was also very pleased to hear Steve share one of my favorite conference quotes, seen here on a sunset pic I took in Ogden back 19 Jun 2011:

This is what it means to me "Have Faith not Fear"...watsit2u?

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