05 December 2008

Mars, Cars and Bars....

SIGH, wow...I finally caught up on all my friends' craziness...good, bad AND ugly! Now, I guess it is my turn to catch all of you up...

As you can tell this was posted relatively early in the morning (for me), considering I have NOT been asleep yet this last night, it is very early for my body. I won't be getting any sleep just yet, either, as we are headed to West Jordan for my moms Dr appt. Hopefully, I can find a way to take a nap after that and before heading out to the Festival of Trees. My sister and her friend did get their tree done. For anyone who is going, it is located at N7 and is the NFL Tree. Then, I will get to play Bunko, again! I love that...I'm still willing to get a group going, if we can get enough interest! Who's game?!!!

Ok, now to my title...forgive me for going out of order, but I will start with CARS: This post has been long in coming, I'm just now getting a chance to get it done. We have two cars in our household, a Ford Taurus belonging to my mom and a Dodge Neon belonging to my husband. The Taurus has been out of service since July and through a string of events, we finally got some work done on it during November. There are still a few questionable things that will hopefully turn out to be nothing to worry about, but we are so grateful to have this car back in running condition! Because the day before this car was done, sort of, the Neon died...we thought we had the Taurus fixed, but Murphy had other plans for us, still. So, we took the Taurus back to our wonderful neighbors to take another look at...basically trading it for the Neon, which we also thought was fixed. I think you get the idea, I think it was the next day, the Neon died AGAIN and really died this time. Luckily Steve was able to coast into a parking spot at a gas station about 15 min drive away from where we live! It was something like 1am, so by lucky circumstance a Draper police officer brought him home, leaving the car there until we could figure out how to get it towed to our neighbors! A day and a half later, we finally got it down and now after it being fixed some more, it does seem to run better than it has in two years! Oh ya, we got the Taurus back while the Neon was down and overall, it runs ok, too. So, I've had my fill of car problems, for a long while!!! Mostly, we are more than very grateful to have such wonderful neighbors to give us such service and help us out with our vehicles!!!!!

BARS....bet you are really wondering where I'm going to go with this one, huh?! Come on, be honest, you are really curious, what could I possibly have to say about BARS?!!! Ok, ok, I'm talking about Cell Phone BARS that represent how much battery power you have left...During all of the above issues with the cars, my already problematic cell phone gave me even more stress, one night having my battery run very low trying to find rides for everyone and change other things around to be able to function with the limited to no use of our cars! One day that we had no cars at all, my battery died, I was left to use my moms phone for texting, at least. Then, I got it all charged up, only to have ME leave it in the Taurus while Steve went to work...so, again, I had to use my mom's phone for texting, at least. I was so lost without my phone. This was the same day that we managed to get the Neon down to the neighbors! Good thing, we have a phone for my mom!!! My phone is still giving me grief, but I hope to be able to replace it very soon, as I am using more and more often in my 'jobs/yobs' and in taking so many pictures. If I don't diligently charge it every night, the battery runs low faster. It has been dropped several times, so the camera takes fuzzy pics at best. Ok, I'm rambling about this now, suffice it to say, we need new phones, too, and with Steve working again, I hope to be able to resolve this issue in the next few months!

MARS: ok, seriously, I didn't know how else to put this one, but with just the above stress alone, I sure could use some CHOCOLATE!!! No, Mars is not on any of my top favorites lists, that would be the RPC, but that is beside the point, especially since it doesn't rhyme with cars or bars!

Right after most of the above, but before I could take a moment to vent about it on here, I got sick with a cold....I'm over that, except a little coughing and my voice can't seem to make up its mind if I can have it back or not! I'm rambling really bad and my heading keeps bobbing, so I need to run upstairs and get stuff together so I can get cleaned up at my sisters place later and hopefully throw in a power nap, for now, before leaving for mom's Dr Appt...confused yet?!

DARN, I didn't do a good enough job....
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