07 November 2008

Photo Tag....

I was 'tagged' for this from my Sister in Laws' blog. Basically, what you do is open the folder or disk where your pictures are kept and open the 4th folder then post the 4th picture.

I know that this is small, but that is the size I had it saved. I don't really know any story behind this pic, but I do know that it is a picture of my sisters coffee stand, Red E Espresso, in Tacoma, WA. It was obviously taken in the dead of winter with rare 'big snow' accumulation in WA. It had to have been taken winter 2003/2004. Although the stand still exists, as far as I know, she sold it long ago and moved on to another coffee shop and even beyond from there to another career altogether. She did very well with Red E in the long run and I know she would not trade the experience of that time for most anything!
Ok, now it is your turn, and make sure you post me a comment so I can see what you find!

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Your Flight Attendant said...

...As far as I know, she sold it along time ago...haha! That line makes me laugh I don't nkow why :) I can't believe you have that tiny photo saved on your computer...funny!