26 December 2008

16 things about me...

This is a tag from a very good friend from Washington....she passed it to me awhile back, I just felt the need to post it now, as I've been doing some pondering about myself:

1. I'm a genealogist...looking forward to starting a business, hopefully in January 2009!
2. I have always been and will always be a daddy's girl! I miss him terribly! (yes, still!)
3. I loved living in Mesquite, especially this time of year!
4. I love trains and am very happy living near the tracks!
5. My first job was at Lagoon (games and merchandising - great first job, loads of fun, but not much money)!
6. My favorite job was at the Mesquite Library!
7. I love to read...my current favorites are any Sisterchick book (http://www.sisterchicks.com/) and The Heir Series (http://www.cindachima.com/)!
8. I have been selling PartyLite for well over 9 years! (www.partylite.biz/chainoflove)
9. I will write books someday!
10. I always have too much to do...and yet never seem to get anything done! (yes, Pamela, this habit will give you a run for your gold medal on procrastination!)
11. I love hooking up with old friends on facebook, myspace, linkedin, myyearbook, etc...isn't modern technology such a blessing?!
12. I love to travel and look forward to doing more and more as time goes on...
13. My first real concert (not state fairs, etc) was Celine Deon opening for Michael Bolton!
14. I have no sense of smell.
15. I have met a few Olympic Gold Medal winners, Dave Ramsey, Zig Ziglar, Amanda Dickson, as well as many very successful people in PartyLite!
16. I would do about anything to meet Shirley Temple Black, Clay Walker, John Schnieder among many other well known people!


Hema and Becky said...

Are you a closet Dukes of Hazard fun??? It was fun to learn more about you!

Hema and Becky said...

oops I meant to say fan not fun!

watsit2u said...

I don't know about closet, but yes, I loved Dukes of Hazzard! It helps that my husband does, too! Bo all the way, LOL!