31 December 2008

Adventures in dating...

I love nothing more than to go out and about. I don't much care what we are doing, usually, I just love going out with Steve! Over the years, he has turned me into a bit of a home body and we don't actually get out much for dates and such! At my most recent job I received a couple of Carmike movie passes along with Goodwood BBQ certificates. In October, I tried to give these away to my cousin-in-law to take my cousin out for her birthday and he refused them basically ordering me and Steve to go out and use them! Hmmm...so I wonder, can I blame him for all this now?! Read on...

We finally got around to going out this last weekend. With only 3 Carmike theaters left in the state of Utah, we chose to go to the one in West Jordan and therefore go to the Goodwood BBQ in Draper. When we left the house, we went to my friend, Lorilee, house. We exchanged Christmas gifts and to give her a birthday gift (a month late)...and to help her with her Christmas presents from other family members. I got her hooked up on some of the same websites I use a lot on her new laptop, it is wonderful to have her on email now and will be great as she learns more and more about the internet and the great blessings that can be found by doing things like genealogy! Steve also helped her learn a tiny bit about her mp3 player and loaded a cd to get her started. She got some great toys to play with! After leaving Lorilee's, we checked our PO Box and took a gift to my mom's friend, Judy in West Valley.

Ok, so now on to our date....we decided to go out to Draper and eat at Goodwood BBQ next. This was our first visit to Goodwood BBQ and we enjoyed the food and the service. You see, the gift certificates I had were technically expired...but there is a little known thing about GCs not supposed to have expiration dates because the company has received the money for them. The manager was very accomodating! Steve had the bacon cheddar burger and I had the smoked turkey sandwich. We laughed at there not being salt at any of the tables, even though it was not needed. We thought the food was delicious, including the BBQ sauce, both of us preffered the sassy over the spicy BBQ sauce.

After leaving there, he had me drive to the Christmas Utah house in Murray. If you have not seen this, you have until this Saturday to check it out in person! It is really cool. For more info: http://www.christmasutah.com/ If you happen to watch some of the videos, they are from past years, but are similar to what they had this year.

Ok, next, we headed back to West Jordan to see Tale of Despereaux. We had seen a couple of reviews from friends about this movie and they said they would NOT recommend it, so, of course, this is the movie Steve chose to see! As I was driving us there, we got off I-15 at 9000s. As you head west towards West Jordan, you go up this hill where the speed limit drops from 50mph to 40mph. I specifically looked at the sign and lowered my speed, this is about 900w. By the time we got to Redwood Road (1700w), a cop was behind us and pulled me over as we turned south on Redwood. He said that at 1400w he clocked me going 51, 52, 53. I told him that I had just slowed down to the 40mph speed limit. In any case, he wrote me a ticket and because you know the cops are just so very nice and do us such favors, he wrote the ticket as me going 45 in a 40. I asked him if he knew about how much this was going to be, he said that it is usually about $90 for every 10 over the speed limit....so I'm guessing $90 will be coming due to the courts in a matter of weeks. I don't agree with him that I was speeding, but I don't have the energy to fight it, so I'm hoping that I can just pay it and not waste my time by making yet another court appearance this year!

Oh, we did make it to the movie and on time, even...Tale of Despereaux! I have seen the commercials and really didn't care one way or the other how soon I saw it, but as it started, I was impressed with the list of well known actors doing the voices: Matthew Broderick, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Watson, Tracy Ullman, Kevin Kline, William H Macy, Robbie Coltrane, Christopher Lloyd, Charles Shaughnessy, Sigourney Weaver, Bronson Pinchot, etc... I have not read the book, shocking, I know...in fact, I had never even heard of the book before this movie came along. I also usually try not to see a movie without having read the book beforehand. I liked the show. It is a cute story of courage, desires, and luck, imo. I think it is an ok movie for families. I, personally, think that I would not have paid to see this movie, but rather waited until I had read the book and the DVD came out, which is estimated for April 2009, like Twilight. As a matter of response to one of the friends who had previously reviewed this movie, I picked up this trivia on imdb.com: The man made out of fruit and vegetables is a tribute to the artworks of Giuseppe Arcimboldo

So, this adventure in dating had it all, for our boring lives, that is...and turned out way more expensive than any date using free movie passes and gift certificates should have been....but, yes, we did have fun...and I hope to start going out more often!!! Oh and I know I can't blame my cousin-in-law for this night, but a scapegoat would be nice!
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