27 March 2009

The Composer is Dead BY Lemony Snicket

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Lemony Snicket has struck again....he is a genius...GENIUS, I say! Many you know that I loved The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket...and I recently blogged my review of his book, The Lump of Coal, which I loved, as well. I may venture to say that this is my favorite one of his books yet. It is a picture book that includes a free cd (if you happen to check this out at the library, be certain that the cd is there inside the front cover!!!). I read the book in a matter of minutes and instantly loved it! After just a page or two, I was ready to tell my best friend that she MUST get this book, one way or another! A mysterious murder mystery where everyone is suspect! The composer is dead and the inspector interviews all members of the orchestra to find the culprit. As he moves from section to section in the orchestra, it is amusing the personalities that come to life. The list of composers in the story is long for those not very familiar with the classical world. Educational in so many ways! I read the book, then listened to the cd. The first half of the cd is sort of an audio of the book, with much more animation and commentary...very cute!!! The soundtrack that follows on the second half of the cd is good and quick! Even if you didn't like TSoUE, I think you will like this one!

What would a book review of mine be without a quote or two, eh?! Here goes, a little different this time. As the mystery gets underway, the inspector starts his interrogation with the strings. Violins first, of course, then he moved onto the cellos and basses and in my head I thought, "What about the violas, they are always forgotton!" To my utter surprise, this is how the story went: ""Well, I guess that takes care of the strings," the Inspector said. "Oh---the Violas! I forgot all about you." "Everyone forgets about us," said the Violas bitterly." I laughed right out loud and my mom looked at me quite funny. It was perfect! Then as the inspector continued on, I was quite amused by these lines from the percussion section, "We percussed. We employed xylophoniness and cymbalism."

To say the least, this book is a MUST have for every family that wants to expand the horizons of their children or even the parents, for that matter. It should also be included in all elementary music curriculum! Of course, this is just my opinion...read for yourselves and let me know what YOU think!!!

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