14 March 2009

Emmett's & Ethel's - 90 E Main St Lehi. Utah

We went to the new place in town today....Emmett's & Ethel's...thought I would take a minute to tell everyone I know about our experience...

In all, we ordered: Teriyaki Turkey Burger, Tangy Bacon Ranch Burger, corn dog, cheese fries, onion rings, sprite, homemade root beer and water

The turkey burger had great flavor! The corn dog was wonderful, beating Iceberg, the best in the area before now, and giving Lagoon's a run for their money as the best corn dog in the state! The onion rings were crisp and very good. They weren't breaded like I originally thought, like say IHOP or Burger King, but they were about the best onion rings I've ever had! The Tangy Bacon Ranch Burger was a little on the messy side, but very good, as well. The cheese fries were cheesy and delicious. The homemade root beer was good, eating in, you even get free refills! Sprite and water, well they were sprite and water!

We visited there around 1 or 2 this afternoon and it was packed the entire time we were there. There are booths and tables for seating, these were full the entire time and there were still about 20 or so people in line waiting to order. Like I said, the place was packed!!! There is a beautiful oil painting on the wall (http://cristallharper.blogspot.com/2009/01/emmett-ethel.html) that can be viewed as you wait to order. There is also a wonderful fun mural on part of the wall....

I look forward to eating there again, but hoping that we can find time to go just for dessert sometime, as well. I'm sure the reviews for that will be just as wonderful! I've put a couple of links below of other reviews I found online:
http://my.heraldextra.com/LehiNews/blog - post on 13 Mar 2009

http://www.heraldextra.com/content/view/302682/147/ - from 12 Mar 2009

I encourage EVERYONE to give Emmett's & Ethel's a try and leave your thoughts/review in my comments! ENJOY!!!

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