13 March 2009

To JO: happy birthday!!!

We all go through life with friends. I would think it sad if someone really truly didn't have friends. With that in mind, if you think you don't have friends, you are most definitely WRONG! I would like to take some time today and share a few memories of the bestest friend I have had in my life....and I've gone through several best girl friends that just ended up not really being true friendships.

Fall 2001, my mom decides to do a 30 min free trial thing at a Curves in Salt Lake, where she meets a gal that sells Pampered Chef. At this time, my mom was a massage therapist selling Partylite (as part of my team). They decide to 'trade' shows. This is how I met my bestest friend...and life has never been the same or better!!!

2002: She turned me on to one of my favorite books, Fat!So? (I am about to re-read this book and will do a review in the next few weeks or so) This book and her friendship have gone a very long way in helping me truly love myself, AS I AM!!! You see, we live in a world where I am not accepted mostly because of my flabulousness. Another major problem is that I'm too stinkin' nice for my own good and many in today's society take complete advantage of that....you know who you are!!! Anyway, I digress...when I first read this book, I knew from the start that everyone who ever knew me just had to read this book...so far, only one person besides my bestest friend has read the thing cover to cover. Oh well, I got what I needed from it and that is the most important thing she could have given me! Also, this year was the first of many times that she was there for me when some tough times hit, she's funny that way...always there for her friends and they are very blessed for it, too!!! Thank you!

2003: We went on what would be the first of our road trips...We drove down to Mesa, Arizona and stayed with her friends family. We had a great trip, which included a naked man, speed reading in audio form and being introduced to the great NEW place called Iceberg...LOL!!! We stayed in Mesquite, NV on the way back and little did I know that just a month or so later, my mom would make the decision to move there and then less than two years later my husband and I would move there, as well....and love it!!!

2004: We took another road trip, this time to Riverside, CA. This was a great opportunity for me, as this was my mission field. I was able to take some time on the Sunday we were down there and go visit my favorite ward/area. What an unusual trip with curfews and a visit to Red Lobster that started the thoughts of cows being lined to be chosen much like the lobsters in the tank, LOL! This trip gave me the opportunity to meet more wonderful people that are also friends with this same bestest friend...reminding all that she is wonderful and popular!!!

2005: After helping my mom through her heart surgery and recovery, my bestest friend and I took another trip, this time a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. This was, by far, my favorite of our trips together! I loved the cruise and being spoiled. This trip included visiting the San Diego Temple, riding in a glass bottom boat, and yet another partially naked man!!! Sure wish I could remember his name, or his girlfriends for that matter...they were very nice, I hope they did get married and such...

2006: Now living in Mesquite, my bestest friend made a few trips down to visit, but we didn't have any road trips or monthly visits to our usual place of choice, Red Lobster. During the time I lived in Mesquite, I introduced her to Charmaine's, or as she called it "fancy restaurant".

2007: We had moved up to Lehi, UT and I had a broken arm, so had lots of time on my hands. I was doing several book clubs. It was at this time that she gave me a book called The Total Money Makeover and introduced me to a great man by the name of Dave Ramsey. I have not gotten around to reading this book yet...I struggle with non fiction and keep putting this one off for others...again, I digress...she is still making my life better and transforming things for the good!!!

2008: This is one of the hardest years of my married life. We were both unemployed, albeit for different reasons and in different ways, we struggled a lot on a personal level and with others trying to get the much needed help. This bestest friend of mine was most supportive and understanding of our struggles and issues. We also attend the Total Money Makeover Live Event (where the above picture was taken). I really recommend you listen to or watch Dave. He is on the radio every night, from 7-9pm on 570am (salt lake city, utah) and I understand these are available as podcasts. Also, he is on Fox Business news every week night at 6pm. Good stuff, thanks, Jo!

2009: We, with my mom, took a trip to Mesquite just over a month ago. Always the supportive friend, she hung out and took some much needed down time while mom and I played in the first ever Mesquite Bunco tournament. My friend and I took in a movie, Paul Blart Mall Cop (this movie rocks, I highly recommend it), and ate at Katherine's steakhouse. Charmaine's had recently been closed, so we tried a different "fancy restaurant". We miss Charmaine's, but I would recommend Katherine's, as well.

Ok, now that I've gone through and shared the highlights of this great bestest friend of mine. I want you to keep in mind, all things mentioned DID in fact happen, but I may have mixed up the order of the trips and such. I took the time to do this fun little post as a way to wish my bestest friend a very very happy birthday!!! I send out the great vibes for this to be one of her best birthdays ever and am sure it will happen, how better to celebrate a friday the 13th?! Everyone reading this who knows my bestest friend and has wonderful memories of her, too, please feel free to comment and leave your memories...she'll get around to reading at some point....Oh, and it is too late this year, but I say it has been way too long since we've had a 'naked' man experience, think we need to do a birthday trip or cruise next year, LOL!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO JACOBSEN, make it count...you ARE loved by many!!! Thank you for everything and always being there....Moroni 8:3

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Jo said...

Wow, thanks Rebecca! This is way over-the-top sweet! Maybe a bit scandalous with all the "naked men" references, and in my defense, none of them were mine (of course, lol)! Thanks again...

JoJo the B-day Girl :)