09 June 2013

Are you walking in circles?

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! There is a program in the church called Home Teaching. It is where members of the Priesthood are assigned to visit a few families in the Ward/Branch. This helps the unit leadership know of any needs in Ward/Branch. Tonight our Home Teachers came over. Well, one of them did and brought his son as his companion, his usual companion is out of town. Our Home Teachers came to our house right after their Home Teachers had been at their house.

The lesson for this month is an article called Walking in Circles BY Dieter F. Uchtdorf, as found in the June 2013 Ensign magazine. The basic message is that when humans are lost, we tend to walk in circles looking for some kind of landmark to help guide them back to a place they know. As members of the church we have a couple great landmarks to help us, scriptures and general conference! We can use these two resources to help guide us back to a place we know to continue our progression in a direction back to our goal or destination.

The young man who came with his father was asked to add his thoughts. He said that the one thing that really struck him was about keeping the commandments and following these landmarks. Doing this can help to build relationships! But what struck him more was that not following the commandments can also destroy relationships. He had not thought of that before...neither had I. For example, between him and his father, if they lie to one another, it would destroy that relationship!

I thought that was great insight for a teenager! What a lesson we can all learn from this simple thought! It is my hope to do better at following the commandments and the lessons learned from studying the scriptures and general conference to strengthen my relationships!


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