03 June 2013


I saw this commercial pretty much right when it came out! I thought it was cute and shows the innocence of children and how children take many thing so literally! I can honestly say I didn't pay attention to the race of any of the actors! I think this whole controversy thing is very VERY sad! It makes ones wonder if society will ever move on to more important things in life! When I first heard there was a problem, I couldn't imagine what the problem could be, it wasn't until the next day that I saw someone say what the 'problem' is...HELLO IT IS 2013 for goodness sake! But, like they said on the news tonight, it's publicity. If you go to this video on YouTube, you will see that it has almost 2 million view compared to their other commercials which come in around 100,000 or so. So...tell me your thoughts on the commercial and/or the controversy...watsit2u?
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