02 June 2013

Missionary Work

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Did you know that? If not, you should. Want to know more? Check out their main website for more information OR ask me OR ask the missionaries!

Today in sacrament meeting they read a letter from the First Presidency encouraging members to be generous in donations to the General Missionary Fund. This always strikes a chord with me because when I served my mission 20 years ago I had virtually no money to pay for said mission.
I was originally called to serve in the California San Diego mission doing genealogy. While training for that, I was reassigned to proselyte in the California Riverside Mission. Eventually I was reassigned again back to genealogy, but this time in the California Oakland Mission. I do know that members in my home ward stepped up and made specific donations to help pay for my mission. I also know that a huge portion came from the General Mission Fund of the Church. I am so grateful for all that support! I would not trade a moment of that experience for anything!

Being Fast Sunday, the meeting went on to testimonies. Many of which were about the General Mission Fund and missionary work. In the end, our Branch President challenged each family to find a nonmember and share the Gospel with them. That is the goal this year, it would be even better to see our Branch grow! So...watsit2u?

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