03 April 2009

the myspace.com handbook

the myspace.com handbook: the complete guide for members and parents BY T. Brian Chatfield rating: 2 of 5 stars
I saw this book on display at a local library and thought it was interesting that someone would take the time to put such a book together, so I picked it up! I have been a myspace user for a few years now and do still check it about once a day, when I am on the computer. I did not read this book cover to cover, but rather skimmed it page by page looking for parts/sections that would interest me. There was not a whole lot of sections I read through. The best thing about this book is found on pg 100-104, a list of "Common Abbreviated Symbols and Emoticons" followed by "1337 Speech" and "Acronyms and Other Phrases". Or, in other words, shortcuts used in communicating on myspace or chat or even texts, now. The one I find the most amusing as misused is LOL. Which stands for Laugh Out Loud, but those new to the internet, especially get confused and think it is Lots Of Love! Anyway, I guess this book can be for those who think that myspace is the end all of social networking or for the parents of those possibly addicted to myspace. As for me, I do my momentary check on the days I am actually on the computer, but my favorite social networking site, especially for those around my age, is currently Facebook! So, come, join the information superhighway of networking and lets all be friends!

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Melinda said...

I should read that book just to figure out what all the abbreviations mean. I know the basics, but I sure can't read text messaging!