31 May 2009

goal accomplished, WCWS style

31 Days ago I started a goal to post something to this blog every day for the month of May. Here we are at the end of the month and I would call it a successful goal reached. I have enjoyed the process, mostly in the things I learned along the way, like linking within the post and creating slideshows. Also, in researching some of the topics or finding links for some of the posts, I learned a great deal. I am glad that I set and reached this goal.

Doing these daily posts have given me other ideas on what to blog about. So, I've decided to keep going on the daily posts as long as I can, we'll see how long that lasts, eh?!

When I was growing up, my mom had me playing softball for a few years. I guess I was trying to follow in my aunt's footsteps. She was very athletic and I idolized her, at the time. I was not athletic and I was afraid of being hit by the ball, so I usually just stood there, never swinging and was often walked. One time, I actually swung the bat and hit the ball. The players were so surprised that they flubbed the play and I made it to second base! That says a lot, considering I have never been a fast runner! At the end of that year, I got my one and only ever all-star vote for that hit. Later, I would become friends with that opposing coach and his family. I was friends with his daughter in school, then they moved into our ward and I was his son's primary teacher. I love this family and miss them...where are they now, I often wonder...

These last few days we've been watching a lot of softball. WCWS from Oklahoma. We watched a great deal of this last year and enjoyed it, so when I saw it on last week in preparation for Oklahoma, I decided to watch it again. Alabama, one of my favorites, was back again, but lost out today in a heartbreaking last moment grand slam with only one out to go to force a second elimination game tonight. We remember watching and we will now miss seeing the likes of Brittany Rogers and Kelley Montalvo again next year! Kelley really is a spark plug and Brittany loves the game and her school! My second choice to into the finals and now my first choice to win it all is Washington. I am not as familiar with this team or its players as this is the first time I've really seen them. I was very impressed with Danielle Lawrie, though. She kept calm and focused for the game! I'm thinking that played a major part in her receiving the 2009 Softball Collegiate Player of the Year. They will be playing Florida in the best of 3 final matchup, starting tomorrow night. In that matchup, Lawrie will be going against one of the top players that she beat out for player of the year, Stacey Nelson. I am cheering for the Huskies all the way! In any case, one of these teams will reach their goal for this season, winning the WCWS. It will be a first in the history of either school. Good Luck all around! PLAY BALL!!!

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