20 May 2009

PART 1: General Young Women's Meeting - March 2009

In case you don't know or haven't figured it out already, I set a goal to post something every day for the month of May! I have done very well with this goal, so far! One of the reasons I thought of this goal was a way to share my thoughts about the talks given at the April 2009 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Here we are with the month almost gone and I have yet to say a thing about this topic. So, today that changes, as I will comment on the talks given during the General Young Women's meeting on my birthday, 28 Mar 2009.

Be Thou an Example of the Believers by Ann M. Dibb: I remember being excited to be in Young Women's as I was going to be sharing that experience with an Aunt of mine. Although we lived in West Jordan, we were attending the Copperton Ward at that time. We would spend every weekend with my grandma, who would take us to church. For those that don't know or remember, my mom was not active and my dad was not a member. I turned 12 in March and was very excited about being in Young Women's. Having just worked to get my Gospel in Action award (the first in our ward), I remember getting my Personal Progess book and being very excited about working on the goals for my young women's medallion. I proudly wear both very often even still today. Although, I do not remember the specifics of what I worked on, I do have my book somewhere and look forward to finding it and reliving that time in my life! Alas, in July that same year we moved to a new house in West Jordan, near an Uncle's family. We decided to start attending that ward and continued to do so until I got married 14 years later. Even though my aunt was no longer in my ward, I loved Young Womens. I loved my leaders and my peers. I miss some of these examples and have recently renewed others of these relationships via Facebook. I, too, had a dad that was very supportive, which being a non-member himself, was very impressive to me! He would get up early to make sure I was on time to early morning seminary. He would also make sure I was there for basketball practices and games. No, I don't play, but it was fun then and I loved that he was supportive in everything I did. Oh, I found it interesting that Elder Neal Andersons wife was a big part of this story, little did any of them know that just a week later, he would be sustained as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles!

A Virtuous Life - Step by Step BY Mary N. Cook: "Virtue brings peace, strength of character, and happiness in this life." This is so true and I am grateful for the strength of character living a life of integrity has brought me! "He has been successful in confusing women about their roles in the Lord’s divine plan." I don't think it is just women who are being confused about the roles of women in the Lord's divine plan. I will that at that, though! I had a home teacher once who gave us each a sheet of paper (Bro Reading was a seminary teacher and I'm sure he used this in class) and as he read Lehi's vision, he had me draw it out, I can't remember if this was the one with my eyes closed or not. Anyway, that always stayed with me and helped me picture it better. I need to be way better about holding fast to the Iron Rod, my next goal to complete, maybe? I have my For the Strength of the Youth book nearby most all the time. Although, it is from when I was in Young Women's when they first published them, so it is a much older version than the current one I've seen floating around. I first listened to these talks on my Ipod and this was probably my favorite part of this 'session': "Daily habits of righteous behavior will also help you to continually hold fast to the rod. As a Young Women general presidency we have invited all of the young women in the world to develop three daily habits: First, pray to your Father in Heaven, morning and night, every day. Second, read the Book of Mormon for at least five minutes every day. And third, smile! Why? We have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, which brings us true happiness." I encourage all of us, male or female to strive towards these righteous behaviors, they can only make us stronger and increase our FAITH. No matter your beliefs or mine, we all must continue to progress in our lives and this is best done step by step versus all at once, which is usually so overwhelming it makes it hard to not give up! Hmmm, somehow the phrase "baby steps" comes to mind....

Come Let Us Go Up to the Mountain of the Lord BY Elaine S. Dalton: When I became and adult, one of my Young Women's leaders told me that as an adult, age didn't matter as much to guys looking to be in relationships. I bless her for her efforts and although I am a firm believer that age difference doesn't matter, in the big picture, age was NOT my problem in the lack of attention from guys. That's ok, my time was not to come for several years! "Never before has there been a greater need for virtue and purity in the world." We hear these types of warnings or counsel often in our conferences, it must mean we are not getting the message. I hope that we can all really get it and strive for it, WOW, can you just imagine the blessings that would be poured out upon us and those around us?! It would truly be amazing! "You are not common. You are not ordinary. You are daughters of God." Well said! White roses are my favorite flower, for much the same reason that Sister Dalton said she chose it when she was in Young Womens. Sister Dalton is completely right on when she says that we can change and return to virtue thanks to the Saviors Atonement. "your personal purity will enable you to become a force for good and an influence for righteousness in the world. I truly believe that one virtuous young woman, led by the Spirit, can change the world." This is my hope for myself, those I love and just everyone, no matter your gender or your beliefs!


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