26 May 2009

Valley of Fire - Nevada State Park

Ok, I know this happened 10 days ago, but I just finally got all my pics from mine and my moms cell phones to the computer and saved so I could learn how to create a slideshow with them. Success, as you can see above, although, they have no captions, which is safer since some of the order got mixed up in the sending to the computer. Saturday morning, mom decided to go into Henderson (Las Vegas) to visit her sister. On the way, we decided to take the llllloooooooooonnnnnggggg way in to Vegas from Mesquite. We have taken the long way a few times before, usually bypassing the Valley of Fire. This time, we decided to drive through it and we loved it! There are a lot of places to hike, have picnics and even use the restrooms! Seeing as how this is in Nevada, we would recommend this as a trip in the early spring and earlier in the day, before it gets hot. We got there around 1pm. We didn't do any hiking at all, just drove through and took lots of pics with our cell phones, since Steve wasn't there with his fancy schmancy camera. Some of them were even taken while we were moving in the car...and they don't even come close to doing this wonderful and beautiful place justice! Then, on monday, I used up almost all the space left on my cell phone to snap a few shots of the nice sunset we witnessed just before getting to Fillmore and eating at Larry's, where there was a sign that said:
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
-no matter who you are-
-or think you are-
-or who your daddy is!
Only in Fillmore...or some other small town! Needless to say, we were blessed to see a lot of God's work on this trip and we still wonder how anyone who sees such beauty in the world can deny the existence of God! We respect their right to choose that belief, we just don't understand it! As for us, we will continue to express our deep gratitude for such blessings...

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