22 May 2009

Old habits....

No, I'm not running out of topics, I just been doing a bit of self-admiring lately...and need the boost today, so...

Growing up my dad had long nails. Everyone commented on it, strange for a guy, I know. We used to tease him that if and when he broke a nail he would cry. So, when it would happen, he would do a pretend sniff and cry to make us laugh. We would tease him more. When he would clip them, he would often leave his pinky nails long. I, on the other hand, used to bite my nails like nutso. My dad used to tease me by putting his hands towards me and saying, "Here, want some more?" I would glare at him, not funny, dad! EEEWWW!!!

I don't know when it really happened, but I stopped biting my finger nails, somewhere around the same time I went on my mission. I have not had this bad habit for around 17 years now. I have never been one to use nail polish or have manicures. I am picky about when and how my nails are clipped. I do not like clipping my nails. I let them go and go until one breaks, usually...or is about to break. With this habit, they can get quite long, I've been told too long by one. Most people, when they pay attention, compliment me on my long nails and can't believe they are real, not fake!

I know this is a silly topic to blog about, but, hey, it works, right?! I even have pics of my nails as they are right now...I will be forced to clip them in the next few days. Oh, and, ya, I sometimes don't clip my pinky nails, just like my dad!!! Also, like my dad, my fingers fit perfectly together...go ahead and admire, you know you want to! hee hee
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