02 May 2009

They Did It With Love BY Kate Morgenroth

rating: 4 of 5 stars
Book clubs, murder, desperate housewives, know it all detectives and a new twist around almost every corner....this book had me from the start! We have Sofie, our main character, who has worked at a mystery book store a big share of her life. In the beginning, she loses her dad and finds a supportive husband, Dean, who a short time later suggests his brilliant idea of moving from their Manhattan apartment to Wisteria Lane, ok, not really, but it isn't that far off, imo! They sell their apartment and end up in Greenwich, Connecticut. Sophie soon finds herself in a prestigious mystery book club that is so exclusive, it is by personal invite and approval only! Priscilla, the former English teacher leads the group in a very take charge way. It's all about her. There is also Ashley, who is younger and newer to the lifestyle, coming in behind the first wife and having to fill those shoes, so to speak. Julia, who is the newest member, before Sophie comes along, of the book club and neighborhood. Finally, Susan, who is probably the most like someone I would be friends with.

Sophie is probably the biggest mystery fan this group has ever seen, even more than Precious Priscilla. Sophie is very quick to pick up on the little things that most people wouldn't even think of, for example, when they go to look at a house in Greenwich, the realtor leaves them alone, in the kitchen, to talk about the house, while the realtor steps out back to make a phone call. While Sophie and Dean are talking, she steers the conversation in the direction that proves to Dean that the realtor has the kitchen bugged to eavesdrop on their conversation. Silly, but how many people would really pay attention enough to the realtors' reaction to every word and know that?!

Ok, so, anyway, after some time and this book club meets for their monthly meetings and a few times for dinner and drinks (or something like that)...one of them ends up dead! There the real mystery of this neighborhood in Greenwich begins....

Through all the twists and turns and secrets unravelled, Sophie is determined to solve the mystery. I really liked this story and probably would have given it 5 stars, except for a few uses of certain words I don't like to read/hear. I had several theories, one of which had the correct murderer! I read this book fairly quick, considering I am a slow reader, by nature. My favorite thing is that new detais kept coming up to the very end of the book!

Only a couple of quotes this time. I liked the book as a whole, but not a lot of phrases or lines stuck out individually this time:

pg 87: "You never really know what's going on in someone else's life" This is so true! Be careful in being jealous of other people because if you knew the real deal, you may realize you don't have it so bad, afterall...

pg 181: "I don't think you can have too much imagination. Even in your wildest dreams, you can never predict the crazy things that happen in your life." WOW, is this ever true?!

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