23 May 2009

Derk's Field Forever

I am a baseball fan, always have been, most likely always will be. In fact, we would love to make the trip around the country one day visiting all the major league ball stadiums. I was lucky enough to find a guy that would love to make this trip together! Growing up in Salt Lake, we have a minor league baseball team which has been owned by several different major league teams. Now it is finally owned by my favorite, the Angels (I will not use their STUPID official name). I could live with Anaheim Angels, for that is the city in which they play, but they don't even play in Los Angeles COUNTY, so please forgive me for about hating their official name! To me, they will always be the California Angels!

Growing up, I was a Los Angeles Dodgers fan. When I was about 10 years old we visited my uncle's house in Anaheim. He was watching a Dodgers game when we arrrived. The adults all migrated out to the patio while I settled in to watch the game on tv. My uncle told me I could change the channel or go out to the patio. I assured him I was fine. The story goes, my mom says, that Uncle Arvid walked out to the patio with his jaw dropped in shock over a girl that loved baseball. The next night they surprised me by taking me to my very first California Angels game. They played the Kansas City Royals and I believe, lost. I was hooked and have been an Angels fan ever since. I have also been to several games and fan appreciation night over the years! Yes, I cried with excitement when they won the World Series in 2002!

Ok, back to the triple A team in Salt Lake. I remember going to several games growing up, especially remember the Trappers, who we watched play in Idaho. I don't remember details now, but my favorite player was known as Jo-Bo (Joseph Beaulac)and his number was 24, which is my favorite number to this day! I love that they are now called the Bees and especially that they are owned by the Angels. I have a few ticket vouchers for this season and look forward to going to a couple of games with my man!

Incidentally, we went to a couple of Orem Owlz games last year, which is also owned by the Angels and had a blast! Even getting evacuated to the McKay events center over a threat of a tornado and it was all Steve's fault, LOL!!! I have yet to attend an Ogden Raptors game. We just don't make it to Ogden that often.

The reason for this post is my distaste of renaming Derk's Field in the first place. I remember being so mad when they changed it to Franklin Covey Field. I finally, sort of, got over that because at least it flowed off the tongue. But, Spring Mobile Ballpark, are you kidding me?! It's so all about the money! When I heard they were announcing a new name, I thought surely it would be after Larry H. Miller who had recently passed away, to honor him. I am so not pleased with this new name....but I will continue to support the Bees, at least as long as they are owned by the Angels...after that, who knows?! LOL! In my mind it will always be Derk's Field and I will continue to roll my eyes at the new name that I won't be using anytime soon!


Hema and Becky said...

So now you better post the story about Steve and the tornado threat. I am really not very in to baseball. I have gone to Cubs games at Wrigley field while visiting Chicago twice. But I wasn't to impressed and remember I hate hotdogs so I didn't even have that part of the experience. (Everyone really talks up having a hot dog at a baseball game.) I have gone to a few of the Bees games and they are pretty fun and cheap too. As far as the field new name, I didn't even know it changed. It will be hard to remember like when the Delta Center changed it's name. I still call it the Delta center half the time. Oh well!!

watsit2u said...

ok, posted the tornado story on the 24th, check it out...

one of my good friends in high school was a Cubs fan, so you won't find me changing over that direction, although, I would like to visit Wrigley field!

I don't think I've ever had a hot dog at a ballgame, either. I am usually there for the game and spend my money on souvenirs.

Ya, don't get me started on the DC to ESA change. I do call it both Delta Center and ESA, but hardly ever say Energy Solutions Arena...all about money, UGH!