10 May 2009

Honor thy Mother....

Mother's Day is my least favorite day of the year. Especially my least favorite Sunday to attend church. I will usually suck it up and go to church with my mom, like the good little girl that I am (uh, ya, that's it). I don't know where people got it in their heads that every woman over the age of 18 needs to be recognized as a "mother", hello?! The definition of a mother does not say anything about it being a woman that is 18 yrs or older! It also does not say that it has to be biology! But, come on, hello, everyone, just because a female turns the magical age of 18, does not automatically make her a mother! Ok, I think I've made my point there, so I will move on to the real meaning of Mother's Day and a tribute to a few of the Moms I know and love:

My own mom, Amber! She was just 22 yrs old when I was born. She had been told, as a teenager, that she would never have kids. Then, when I was born at just under 5lbs. (yes, it is true!) she was told that if she ever had another one and especially if it was bigger than me, she would die. Lo and behold, at the age of 28, my mom gave birth to Tonuah, who was almost 8lbs!!! Amber obviously survived. She lives with Steve and I as she has off and on since my dad died over 13 yrs ago. Since her heart problems in late 2004, when Steve and I were prompted to move to Mesquite, NV, we have all lived together and most likely will continue to do so for quite some time. Mom has a desire to move again right now, so maybe she will be back out on her own soon, only time will tell. Not that I am trying to make that happen, but I believe that she has to follow her heart (promptings) and we have to follow ours. My mom has always stood up for us and most always supported us in everything we have chosen to do. She has been a good example of strength, especially during the time when we lost my dad. I know that I can safely speak for my sister when I say that we both look up to our mom and love her very much!

Kirsten, my cousin, is a great mom! She has always had a focus on her children. She was blessed with a husband who could see the importance that she be able to stay home with their children before they were in school and has done everything in his power to make that possible! Kirsten always wanted a girl but was instead given three very choice boys to raise for our Heavenly Father! I know that she has not regretted that for a moment and, you know, the Lord may very well still have plans for her that we don't know about! (The Lord is funny that way!) Awhile back, I had the opportunity to spend some time with one of her boys and one of our cousins at the same time. They are the same age and it was very interesting to see just how different they act in almost every way. The biggest difference was clearly obvious to anyone, or should have been, and that is that Kirsten has raised (and continues to raise) 3 hard working boys that have respect for people in general and especially their elders!

Pamela, my dear friend, who opened her home to me even though we had only been friends online! In fact, it was about 13 years ago when I came home from work one evening and got on AOL and started IMing with my then boyfriend/fiance when he told me that there was someone in the Mormon Chat room going through labor and I said, "PAMELA!!!!!!!!!!!" He was surprised to know that I knew immediately who it was...this was still when we were online friends only! What an exciting chat that was, never experienced anything like it since...of course, there is only one Pamela, as it should be! She has done very well for herself and Lance (her husband) by raising 4 great kids! Their youngest has a lot of health issues and they plow right through them leaving behind a tremendous example of FAITH and strength for all who know them!

Sara, a good friend that I met through my bestest friend, Jo. When Sara and I met, she and I talked about medical issues (a whole other blog on my part) of not having children. It wasn't too very long before I found out that Sara was pregnant and I couldn't have been happier for her, then the unthinkable happened and she had a miscarriage. I remember when Jo told me this in an IM that night and I cried so very hard. I was angry and learned a lot from Sara's wonderful example during that time! They worked through the spiritual and medical issues and now have three beautful children, a perfect mix of her and her Indonesian husband!

Becky, wonderful Becky, is one of the absolute best examples of exactly what being a mother is all about! Recently, she posted the most touching blog about her blessing of infertility. This post left most all who read it in tears and admiration. Through the great blessing of adoption, Becky is the amazing mother of two beautiful children! She is a great example of what it means to be a mother to ALL, regardless of biology! They are always going to places like the dinosaur museum and family activities on all sides of their family! I thank her so much for her example and enthusiasm for the success of adoption!

Now, my initial intent on this post was to post about a few of the great moms that I know and include pictures of them, but one refuses her permission and I'm too nice to post my pic of her anyway. Another I don't have a pic of my own, so would have to rely on getting one from them, but don't have the patience to even ask because I want to get this posted.

Finally, there are many others that I could include on this list....Nancy, Shalyn, Lisa...just to name a few. I have a multitude of good examples to take from come the day that my Patriarchal Blessing be fulfilled and I will have children. Thank you all and Happy Mother's Day!


Unknown said...

Rebecca....you are so sweet and far too kind. Thank you for your post.

Yes, blessings WILL be fulfilled. Love ya!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the kind words. I want you to know that I love you and appreciate all you do for my family and me. I know with out a doubt the Lord has great plans for you and your blessing will happen!!
Love you tons; kirsten

watsit2u said...

Pamela, me kind?! Now you are too kind! Of course, I would include you! You amaze a lot of people!

Kirsten, you really are a great mom! I know your kids know it, too!

Thank you for both for your encouragement. I do have FAITH that blessings will be fulfilled, I just wonder (like we all do in our silly human-ness) when AND hope that I will have the strength to follow the great examples of so many great moms before me!

Hema and Becky said...

Wow Rebecca, how nice you are! You are one of the great women that I share this whole infertility thing with. You are an example to me with you positive attitude!!!