06 May 2009

New Water Moon - Draper, Utah

A few weeks ago, mom and I decided to try out this new restaurant in Draper. It is called New Water Moon and is by the relatively new Harmon's off of Bangerter and I15. It is another new "asian" place that has popped up along the Wasatch front. I had to have my usual, lemon chicken. Mom ordered Pad Thai. The food tasted good enough, but we felt it was high priced and not worth the value. My chicken was breaded such that you would see maybe a very thin fish in a regular restaurant. It just wasn't the type of breading you would normally see in a chinese or asian restaurant. The atmosphere was great, we really a lot of the decor and such. The overall service was ok, mostly high school aged kids, that maybe just need more training on service detail. But still, the prices were a bit high. You can click on the link above to visit the website for the restaurant, where you can view the menu before you go. If you choose to go here, please come back and post your opinions. But, as for me, I will take the extra time to visit West Jordan and go to Enjoy Chinese Cuisine (see my blog post on 23 Mar 2009, under topic of restaurants), it was much better overall...even better food and cheaper, too!


Hema and Becky said...

I love your restraunt reviews! I have one for you to try out: Maria Bonitas in Orem. It is on the south side of 800 North Just East of State Street. Go there and get the Chicken fajitas. It is $11.99 and 2 people can eat it and still have ledt overs, and we really like to eat Mexican food - it is a LOT! And so super tasty! Good price and great food! Yum!

Michelle Lambert said...

I also feel it's a bit pricey. I was so excited as a Draper resident.. way down here.. that we got something cool like New Moon. However, the prices are high.
The people are kind, and yea.. a little "fresh" but they'll get there. My favorite thing about this place is that you can get Thai, and chinese in addition to sushi. I just moved here from Michigan and that combo isn't too common.

watsit2u said...

Becky, I will have to try that out. Having grown up in a spanish family, we are spoiled when it comes to spanish/mexican food. That sounds good, though...one of these trips to Orem, we will have to check it out!

watsit2u said...

Michell, thanks. Ya, the Thai part is a new things for an 'asian' restaurant. But more and more, in Utah, the newer restaurants around have the sushi bar and other asian delights besides strictly chinese.

Unknown said...

I am glad to find a review about Watermoon and what people are thinking about it. Thanks for the information and also the honesty.



Unknown said...

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