28 May 2009


I didn't have the best day and am very tired as I type this up and try to figure out what to blog about for today. So, I kept thinking about different funny things from recent memory and so I decided to call this post "PB&J". I will get to the title later on, but suffice to say right now, I do not like Peanut Buter & Jelly sandwiches. I do not like peanut butter.

Yes, that is a Utah license plate taken on the road with my sometimes fuzzy cell phone camera. Anyway, why original Reese's Peanut Butter Cups is one of my favorite candy bars makes no real sense, except that it doesn't seem to contain REAL peanut butter. It's still one of my favorites, yum, RPBC rocks! I could go on and talk about my favorite candy bars and although that could be a lengthy post by itself, it isn't what I had in mind when the title came to me...PBJ stands for several things, yet none of them are the reason for the title to this post, either. That would be movies, if you watch commercials or seen a certain movie this year, you will get it..right here, right now...if not, well, read on...
My favorite movie of all time is It's A Wonderful Life, but it has to be the one with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed...you know the one, the REAL one! I would have loved to meet Jimmy Stewart and I did cry, a little, when he died. There is something about the movies and the celebrities from his generation that I think has been lost in today's society. I practically still have this movie memorized and some people in my family don't like watching it with me because before I know it, I'm talking along with the movie. My favorite lines happens twice, "I wish I had a million dollars, (click), HOT DOG!" My favorites scene is with Clarence right after he 'saves' George! Classic movie that I can watch any time of year!

I want to keep this short, so I will blog about other favorite movies another time, but the current commercial I referred to above is for the new dvd realease for Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I saw this show twice in the theaters and would have seen it more, if opportunity had presented itself. I am a fan of The King of Queens, where I first saw Kevin James. I have enjoyed some of his other work, like Hitch. Haven't seen the commercials or the movie and wonder how PB&J relates? It's quite simple actually, Pahud says, "Peanut Blart and jelly! What, what, what's up, man?" Somehow, I don't see them adding this to the list above of what PBJ stands for, LOL! Have you seen this movie and what do you think?


Hema and Becky said...

I love ANYTHING peanut butter! They don't have it in Brazil and my mom would send it to me and I would just eat it off a spoon! Yummy! We sure do have different tastes in food!

Unknown said...

I LOVE Reeses peanut butter cups!!! They are one of the five food groups! Ok, six. I can't live without them.