16 May 2009

The Total Money Makeover Live Event

My bestest friend turns me on to the bestest things....this post is a little about one of them, Dave Ramsey!

I love the things Dave Ramsey teaches. He is about common sense and what it teaches in the Bible! Last year was the first time Dave Ramsey brought his Total Money Makeover Live Event to Salt Lake City! Ok, that clip was just a nibble of what you can expect at this event! Jo and I went and had a wonderful time! We paid for the platinum package and was able to hear a little from Dave before the event in a Q&A, with lunch provided and received a goodie bag with a few autographed books and other goodies. We were able to shake his hand and have our pic taken with him, too! It was awesome! We were excited to do the same this year. BUT when it came time, turns out the price for the platinum package was jacked beyond our means and I couldn't win it from the radio station, so I did not go...although, probably a good thing, maybe, since I ended up in Mesquite and Las Vegas this weekend, eh?!

Jo and another friend of hers paid for the regular tickets and are there right now as I type this from my aunt's house in Henderson, Nevada! She did text me to let me know that Dave (and probably his family) ate dinner at the Red Iguana last night. That is near Jo's neighborhood...cool!

I wanted to do a more complete blog about Dave, but I have yet to take the time to watch The Town Hall for Hope, so that will be in another blog, later in the month or June, whenever I get around to watching it!

I decided that because he is in Salt Lake again today, I would take the time to note a few things that I love about his process, and, I believe, is really good advice for everyone:

The 7 Baby Steps, sorry, but must click the link to see what they are! During his live event, he uses a clip from the movie, What About Bob?, which adds a great deal to the humor! After the event last year, I had to netflix the movie so I could see it! Loved it!

He also uses a gazelle video (this doesn't seem to be the exact clip, but it is the closest I could find quickly) to talk about being gazelle intense in your efforts to become debt free and stay that way. While searching for that clip, I came across this clip on youtube and thought it was very appropiate, too! Sorry, I know some out that have, uh, issues, with youtube, but that is first place I thought to look for these clips!

Ok, I realize that a lot of this advice is similar to what has been given for many many years by the LDS church leaders. BUT, not only does he tell you what to do, he tells you HOW to do it! So, did you go last year? this year? What do YOU think of Dave?! We happen to think DAVE ROCKS!


Hema and Becky said...

I so wanted to go to this, but we had too many other things going on today. Maybe next year. I lvoe Dave Ramsey too - he gives great advice and focuason your family and religon first. I like that he really pushes honesty and hrad work, not just taking the easy way out if you have another choice. Hope you are having fun out there!

watsit2u said...

The only difference in opinion I have found a big difference in between him and LDS leaders is that they say education is ok to go in debt for and Dave says NO! I have thought a lot about that recently because I have had thoughts of going back to school and really don't want to go into debt for it, but have been questioning that it may be ok....anyway, lets all go together next year...it is way fun! I'm sad to have missed it this year!