09 May 2009


While I was growing up, one of my dad's favorite shows to watch was The Price is Right. I often watched it with him, especially during the summer. In 1994, we went to DisneyLand for my sisters birthday. We had every intention of going to a taping of The Price is Right but because of the lawsuit against Bob Barker by one of the models, they had cancelled filming that week. My mom always says it was because of the OJ Simpson trial, but that wasn't until 1995. Anyway, so my dad never got his chance to be on it. Even further back than that, my grandma always wanted to go on TPiR but didn't want to kiss Bob Barker, but rather Johnny Olson. Funny grandma! When I worked at Ernst (I am certain someone out there remembers this place), one of my coworkers was a contestant on TPiR and won a car! It was very exciting! What a nice way to spend her vacation with her kids and grandkids!

Over the years, I would watch it when I could, here and there. I was sad when Bob Barker was finally retiring and wondered, like many out there, who could possibly replace him. Knowing Rosie O'Donnell's background of loving to give stuff away, many thought she would have been a good fit. Although, my theory is that she would have given the house away because she couldn't stand to see people not win! When they announced Drew Carey as the host, I was mixed. I had not been a huge fan of his, but I didn't dislike him, either. I remember being so excited to watch that first show and actually loved to see how very nervous he was that first week. He quickly made the show his own and I love love love to watch it, in fact, I have recorded almost every episode since then and watch it (and Dave Ramsey) about every night as I do my stuff here on the computer. Good thing my man likes it, too! I am not caught up, so if you watch it regularly, I won't know what happened each day it is on, but I enjoy watching my few episodes every night!

I love how Drew recognizes and thanks the models for doing their job. I love how Rich Fields and Drew Carey play off each other. I love the comedy that is now so much part of the show, I have never laughed so hard watching a game show as I do watching some of these episodes! I especially like that Drew really does want the contestants to win! I love how he gets excited with them, jumping, laughing and carrying on like he does!!! And last, but definitely not least, I love how comfortable he is in his own skin...and you can take that however you choose!

Now, I have been bitten by the bug and would love even more than ever to honor my dad's memory and be a contestant on The Price is Right! Just wonder when we will be taking our next trip to Southern California and have the opportunity to spend the time it will take to actually make it on the show! Who's up for the challenge?


Hema and Becky said...

I love this post! Seriously! It has been a dream of mine for YEARSSSSSS to go on the Price is Right! I just know that I would fall down or not even be able to talk if I ever made it up there, but I would LOVE it! I'm always trying to come up with somethinf witty to put on a shirt if I went. I'm glad someone else has that same passion for it. I also like Deal or No Deal!

watsit2u said...

I have not gotten obsessed with DoND, if we watch it fine, if not, fine...but Kirsten's dad went to the thing in salt lake to try and get on the show. He loves it! We like the game you gave mom for her bday, though! THANKS!